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Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.
921 Clark Street  Brockway, PA 15824
P: 814.268.3455  F: 814.265.8565

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Screen Shot 2017 11 20 at 12.41.22 PMPhoenix Sintered Metals, LLC. is a family owned manufacturer of powdered metal parts, located in Brockway, PA. We specialize in producing structural powder metal parts to high strength and density. We distinguish ourselves from other powdered metal component producers through our design and manufacturing expertise. We, at Phoenix, pride ourselves in being a world class powder metal supplier in terms of technology, quality, and delivery. We serve the needs of customers in many different industries, including Automotive, Outdoor Power Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, Industrial, Sporting Goods, Hydraulic/Fluid Power, Hardware, Food Service, Medical, Conveyor Equipment, Construction/Rigging, and others. Phoenix is a global supplier having shipped to China, Mexico, England, Hungary, and Canada.

We can offer the customer a number of components made from both ferrous and non-ferrous powdered metal materials including assemblies, blade adapters,  cams, gears, hammers, levers, metal inserts, pawls, pinions, pulleys, ratchets, sears, sheaves, spacers, sprockets, triggers, and many other structural products. Phoenix boasts a highly qualified design and engineering staff with the latest tools of CAD/CAM. In addition to our molding presses and sizing equipment, with pressing forces ranging from 30 to 825 tons, we also have sintering furnaces with high temperature capabilities (2,500º) as well as sinter hardening. 

Using powdered metal parts provides the customer with a number of distinct advantages, the most significant of which are greater precision and cost-effectiveness. At Phoenix Sintered Metals, we are prepared to utilize our strengths to provide superior quality products that correspond to your specifications and cost requirements. We are committed to reducing our costs through productivity and efficiency improvements, and passing those savings onto our customers. Please visit our Powder Metal Parts Page to view photos and obtain more information about our powdered metal parts production capabilities, or Contact Us.


"Our goal is not to be the largest company in the industry, but to be the best at all business ventures that we pursue."

Peter Varischetti, President
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.