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Powdered Metal Parts

Phoenix Sintered Metals specializes in manufacturing powdered metal parts and components that service a wide range of markets, using a variety of materials. Our powdered metal parts serve such industries as Outdoor Powder Equipment, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Food Service, Hydraulic Fluid & Power, Hand Tools, Construction & Rigging, and many others. Phoenix has the resources to be your complete supplier and reduce your need to rely on numerous powder metal companies, depending on the part size, material, or annual volume.

Gun Components
Gun Components Sporting Gun Components
Barrel Block
Barrel Block Over / Under Shotgun
Steering Gear
Steering Gear Tractor Steering Gear
Control Arm
Control Arm Mower Steering Control Arm
Ratchet Gears
Ratchet Gears Automotive Chassis Components
Bevel Gears
Bevel Gears Agricultural Auxiliary Drive System Bevel Gears
Wheel Hub
Wheel Hub Residential and Commercial Tractors
Pulleys Drive Pulleys & Industrial Cranes
Various Stainless Steel
Various Stainless Steel Connectors, Engine Control Mechanisms, Industrial Controls
Gears & Structurals
Gears & Structurals Transmission Gears & Chassie Components, Pulleys and Adaptors
Helical Gear
Helical Gear Cultivator Drive System
Rack & Pinion Bevel Gears
Rack & Pinion Bevel Gears Steering Gears
Sprockets Structurals
Unison Ring
Unison Ring Automotive Turbo Charger Component
Exhaust Flanges
Exhaust Flanges Automotive Exhaust System Connection Flanges
Stand Off
Stand Off Automotive Engine Block Front Cover
Structurals Structurals
Gears Transmission Gears