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Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.
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phoenix-stainlessPhoenix Sintered Metals utilizes pusher furnace technology to fully develop the sintering process for the manufacturing of stainless steel products to meet your requirements. Each powdered metal stainless product has its own set of characteristics, ranging from corrosion resistance and strength to magnetic properties and elongation.

Manufacturing powdered metal stainless steel for over 25 years has provided us the opportunity to develop products for a large range of markets, including: Automotive, Food Service, Outdoor Power Equipment, Medical, Sporting Goods, Pumps, Hydraulic and Construction applications.

Powdered Metal Stainless Steel Alloys:

- 303 Stainless

- 304 Stainless

- 310 Stainless

- 316 Stainless

- 409 Cb

- 410 Stainless

- 430 Stainless

- 434 Stainless  

Stainless Steel PM Parts & Components Flyer (PDF)

"Our goal is not to be the largest company in the industry, but to be the best at all business ventures that we pursue."

Peter Varischetti, President
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.