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phoenix-cad-drwOur comprehensive powdered metal engineering support system is a critical strength of Phoenix Sintered Metals. Phoenix’s highly qualified engineering staff implements full 3-D Computer-Aided-Design software for part, process, and facility design. The engineering team also uses CAD/CAM software to design and model powdered metal parts for tooling and equipment.

The Phoenix engineering team will gladly advise you in selecting appropriate materials to suit your particular needs. During this critical step of product development, Phoenix engineers will share their expert knowledge of particulate materials in order to ensure that you get the ideal powdered metal parts for your operation.

Phoenix can help you determine whether or not the powdered metal process will be a good fit for your parts. Powdered metal can enhance appearance, improve properties, and reduces costs. Our engineering staff will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of powdered metal with you, as well as helping you to select the appropriate materials, tolerance capabilities, and physical properties for your particular needs.

Phoenix’s engineering team will help answer your questions and has experience in producing over 500 custom designed powder metal components, including assemblies, blade adapters, cams, gears (spur, bevels, & helicals), sporting arms components, levers, metal inserts, pawls, pinions, pulleys, ratchets, sears, sheaves, spacers, sprockets, triggers, and many other structural products.

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"Our goal is not to be the largest company in the industry, but to be the best at all business ventures that we pursue."

Peter Varischetti, President
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.