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Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.
921 Clark Street  Brockway, PA 15824
P: 814.268.3455  F: 814.265.8565


Screen Shot 2017 11 20 at 12.41.22 PMPhoenix Sintered Metals empowers its employees to help the company achieve its goals and maintain its commitment to continual improvement. Phoenix’s dedication to delivering quality powdered metal parts, made to customer specifications, on time and in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner, has earned it ISO 9001 certification.

The Quality Management System at Phoenix Sintered Metals currently complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. SRI Quality Systems Registrar certified this registration.

Achieving ISO 9001 certification represents Phoenix’s commitment to its customers, suppliers, and employees for continuous improvement in its powdered metal parts and services.





"Our goal is not to be the largest company in the industry, but to be the best at all business ventures that we pursue."

Peter Varischetti, President
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.